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Growing up on a farm in the rolling hills of Tennessee's Upper Cumberland Region, Mitchell spent most of his time outdoors exploring the fields, valleys, creeks, and lakes that would fuel much of his creativity for many years.

Mitchell began his study of painting in high school, and pursued a degree in art education at Tennessee Technological University with an emphasis in oil painting. He has taught visual art classes at Cookeville High School for 25 years, as well as being co-proprietor and creative director of The Clark House in Livingston, TN.

Much of his inspiration comes from the landscape in and around the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. The unique topography of the area, the meandering streams and creeks, the open spaces contrasted by dense undergrowth and thick forests, and, of course, the light, is endlessly fascinating as subject matter.  

Mitchell particularly enjoys depicting areas of the farm in Livingston, TN that has been in his family for over 110 years.  "I often imagine different areas of the farm coming together to create a new landscape, and sometimes depict that in my paintings. It is my hope that the landscapes I paint transport the viewer to a familiar and comfortable place from their past, or takes them on a visual journey to a peaceful new destination."

Mitchell works primarily by commission, but occasionally shows in Nashville, Knoxville and Cookeville TN.

If you're interested in commissioning a painting, please contact Mitchell today.